• PRESENT IN ROMANIA AND EUROPE 7 production facilities, 11 commercial offices in 3 countries: Romania,
    Hungary and Germany

Electro Sistem Grup

The object of activity of the ELECTRO SISTEM corporate group is represented by the design of networks and systems with voltages up to 110 kV, the production of prefabricated compact>>


ESTO is the trademark of Electro Sistem products. It is the recognition of knowledge and expertise incorporated in the Electro Sistem products and manufacturing processes ...>>

Research, testing

Our research and testing departmentsperform permanent upgrades of existing products so they should match actual models and market requirements. Moreover, we manufacture ...>>



Electro Sistem Days 2017

Of the event agenda:

Wed, 25 Oct. 2017 Book launch at Baia Mare  “Petre Dulfu” Public Library:  MONS MEDIUS. The Illustrated History of Baia Sprie


ESTO in Hungary

In June this year, ELECTRO SISTEM registered the ESTO mark successfully on the Hungarian market also.

Social responsibility

We respect the environment, we support the community, we foster performance, sports and sports education. We sponsor the most important sport clubs in Baia Mare as well as various community events ...>>

Publishing projects

Electro Sistem supports various publishing projects related to the local cultural heritage legate as well to the beautiful landscape of the Maramureș region. It aids local writers and artists to publish art and culture albums ...>>

Health, safety, environment and quality

Electric power is a clean and non-pollutingsource of energy. The equipment and technology employed in its transportation and distribution process may have unwanted effects on the environment. ...>>