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Maia Residence, Ilfov

Compact substation in concrete, walk-in type BK 055IE, 400 kVA, 20//0,42 kV, fully equipped.

Maia residence Bucuresti (Custom)


AEE LIDL Teius, Bucuresti

Compact substation type BK 60-24 IE, 400kVA, 10//20//0,4 kV, fully equipped.

Magazin LIDL, Bucuresti (Custom)


AEE, Anteco Steilmann, Bucuresti

Compact substation type BK 58-24 IE, 400 kVA, 10/20/0,4 kV, fully equipped, equipmentaccording to ENEL standards.

Anteco Steillman (Custom)


Electro Sistem new applications references in Germany, 2017

New works completed in Germany on different sites and applications: Gaggenau, Malsch, Windpower, Malsfeld etc.


AEE Residential Area, Iași

Compact substation MK 76-26 IM, equipped with two medium voltage switchgears.