Ist Prize in the Maramures County Top of Companies 2021, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maramures

Electro Sistem won this year also the Ist prize in the Maramures County Top of Companies 2021, in the field of Manufacture of Electricity Distribution Equipment and Control Devices, while B&K Electro System won the 1st place in the field of Wholesale of Other Machinery and Equipment.

We thank to Electro Sistem and B&K Electro System teams and to all our partners and collaborators for the confidence granted to us and our products.


2021 - Fortress, Castles, and Mansions in Maramureș

The 2021 album reveals the most representative castles, fortresses, and mansions in Maramureș, across a collection of over 200 images older or closer to our times and through an accessible, pleasant, and interesting historical synthesis. It reveals architectural beauties built with considerable effort by our forerunners, preserved and restored with care and devotion by those in whose care they were left. However, at the same time, ruined edifices are disclosed, reminiscent of the greatness of the old days, but whose fascinating stories still emanate a magic feeling.


I Prize Again

This year also, Electro Sistem and BK Electro System won the Ist prizes in the Maramures County Top of Companies, 2020 edition.

We thank all for the confidence granted to us and our products.



This year’s album is a pleasant photographic story with the scent of old postcards that bring back to life dusty places full of memories. It is a gentle return in time, in some of the most famous places of Baia Mare and its surroundings: the Old Downtown, Peace Square, Citadel Square, Vasile Lucaciu and Gheorghe Sincai Streets, Podul Viilor area, the agri-food market area, Baia Sprie, Tăuții-Măgherauș, Seini, Șomcuta Mare, and Coltău


Electro Sistem Days 2019

This autumn too, Electro Sistem opened its doors to its main business partners during the traditional event Electro Sistem Days.