Substation; Power supplies; Substation enclosures for inverters; Substation enclosures for special applications


Compact substations

Prefabricated compact substations

Our prefabricated substations are industrially assembled in our specialized workshops and delivered turnkey directly to the customer.

Switching substations

Electro Sistem manufactures a wide range of switching substations, using the same modular technology, from prefabricated elements, as for prefabricated substations. Likewise, the switching substations are delivered in a single transportable unit.

Substations for solar inverters

Prefabricated transformer substations and inverter housings for photovoltaic power plants

They are designed for photovoltaic power plants and are produced in a wide range to meet all the requested technical requirements. They are made in our specialized workshops in compliance with the standard SR EN 62271-202,

Substations for special applications

There are special design substations for special applications. They are manufactured using the same technology as prefabricated substations.