24 kV three-pole outdoor load-break switch disconnectors; 24 kV outdoor fuse bases; Medium voltage outdoor fuses; Surge arresters and disconnectors; Medium voltage overhead power cells for electrical power measurement ; Accessories for medium voltage overhead power lines for bunched cables; 24kV insulators and silicone insulator strings


Switch disconnector for exterior, vertical montage, ENEL type

Made by ELECTRO SISTEM according to DY595 standard, TYPE: ESTO-SAV-24-400

24kV outdoor fuse bases

The 24 kV fuse base, produced by Electro Sistem, delivered optionally with zinc oxyde surge arresters are designed to be used in 24 kV medium voltage overhead power lines,

Outdoor medium voltage fuses

B&K Electro System offers a wide range of fuses made by EFEN Germany.  All EFEN products are accepted world-wide. The HH class fuses offer reliable protection for transformers, condenser battery packs and motors.

Surge arresters and disconnectors

The medium surge arresters provided by B&K Electro System guarantee an active protection against overvoltage caused by weather actions and also by the network commutation equipment, thus contributing directly

ES-01-EX-M type medium voltage overhead power cubicles for electricity measurement

ES-01-EX-M type The ES 01-EX-M overhead cubicles are used for the measurement of active and reactive electric power in the medium voltage networks with current and voltage metering units. They are designed

Accesories for medium voltage overhead power lines for bunched cables

Terminal stretching connection for bunched cable with 20kV carrier and blockage The terminal stretching connection is used at the end of the power line to stretch and block the bunched cable.  It consists of one ESTO-BDC-01 collar and an ESTO-CDI-01 the stretching clip.

Insulators and silicone insulators 24kV

Silicone insulators 24kV Round-head support insulator type: ES-IS-24-R

Silicone insulators 24kV, ENEL type

Composite suspension insulators for overhead distribution networks 24kV ESTO-IT-E2P-24 – 2nd pollution degree (normal), made in accordance with DJ 511 RO